Our Story

Skin Technology, established in New Zealand, is a 100% company founded, developed and produced in New Zealand. The core value of the Skin Technology™ brand is that we devote the greatest effort to research and development. The ultimate goal is to make the products not only more effective, but also safer for you and your family, and at the same time less harmful to the environment.

In order to make the product cheaper, we will not produce products by using cheap harmful chemicals that will ultimately harm your safety. We are proud of the integrity of our products.

If you want a certain product to be added to our product range, or want to find a natural or safe alternative to replace the product you are currently using, we would be happy to listen to your opinions.

Thank you for your purchase and use, and please recommend our products to your friends and family, and use those products that are beneficial to yourself and our environment.

Kia Kaha -Keep the Faith (Maori)

Rickbrian International Inc. - starting from parents' love for children

We select good products that are harmless to people and friendly to the environment from various countries. With mothers as the starting point, we carefully select every good product for mothers and babies that is worthy of promotion. Taking the family as the starting point, carefully select every good thing that can enhance the happiness of the family.

The entire series of products are officially legal agents and have obtained the name through inspection. We provide comprehensive product consultation and after-sales service in Taiwan. Welcome to discuss distribution cooperation.